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Grow Your Vision

YOU are a business owner, not a bookkeeper. You want to know where your business stands, but don't want to spend time crunching the numbers. That's where I fit in! It's your vision - let me partner with you and help you understand, shape, and grow your opportunities. 

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Our Services

ETCH Management packages are customizable to YOU! Our no-pressure consult is designed to understand your business, what's working and what's not, and curate a plan of action that fits your Vision and goals. From single projects to monthly services, to consulting and process improvement strategies, let us ETCH out a plan for YOU!


QBO Set-up

Move from spreadsheets to dynamic reporting. We'll:

  • Link your bank and /or credit accounts for seamless recording;

  • Organize your transactions in an easy-to-read format;

  • Classify transactions according to your industry;

  • Create templates for tracking depreciation or rules for recurring expenses;

  • Create a customized Dashboard for quick reference, and

  • Provide a quick reference guide for the do-it-yourselfer.


Rates start @ $225

QBO Clean-up

Tried to do the bookkeeping yourself?  No Worries, we're here to:

  • Organize your transactions, removing duplications or improper categories;

  • Streamline your account references for better reporting;

  • Ensure contractors are identified and properly tracked for year-end reporting;

  • Clean up your QBO registers to match your most recent bank and credit account statements;

  • Summarize your financial standing in easy-to-read reports, and

  • Get you ready for tax time!


Rates start @ $425

Monthly Bookkeeping

You've finally hit your stride --it's time to outsource so you can level up your business. Let us:

  • Reconcile your accounts to keep you on track with your goals;

  • Ensure your inventory costs and levels are tracked properly,  including integration with Shopify, Amazon, or other eCommerce platforms;

  • Highlight your best selling products, locations or clients;

  • Prepare invoices, pay bills, handle payroll, or sales taxes, and

  • Provide financial reports so you can leverage potential for lenders, investors or  business growth when you're ready.


Rates start @ $375

QBO Training

Just starting out and determined to learn your business from the ground up. We can help. Our 3-hour*, virtual training will show you how to:

  • Set up your bank and/or credit accounts;

  • Organize  and classify transactions to fit your industry;

  • Reconcile your accounts for financial reporting, or

  • Create invoices, pay bills and set up inventory or service bundles, project templates, or recurring expense templates.

Rates start @ $250

*minimum hours

Consulting Projects

Professional consultants, eCommerce businesses, retail or food service, and non-profits:

Need help with a project or process improvement? Schedule a consult where I'll provide industry-specific strategies so you can know if you're on the right track!

Rates start @ $110 / hr.

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What's in a name? ETCH is not just the name of this virtual bookkeeping business, it's the first four letters of my middle name. As the Owner, and Principal Consultant of ETCH Management you'll get ME! My integrity, drive, and desire to see other small businesses succeed.


Born and raised in Detroit, I attended Walsh College of Business and Accountancy where I earned a BBA in Finance and an MBA. My professional experience included leadership in retail, food service and banking. In 2016, I relocated to Northern Virginia as the Regional Executive of Internal Audit for MGM Resorts, leading audit teams across six states, managing the audit oversight of multiple casino openings, acquisitions, and daily operations and working with State and Federal regulatory agencies to ensure compliance standards were operating as designed. A former Certified Fraud Examiner, I have performed hundreds of investigations, provided advisory services and facilitated ethics training for Fortune 500 companies to mitigate fraud, improve regulatory compliance and financial operations for industry associations and peers.


Having achieved the position of Vice President at MGM, in 2021, I pivoted and launched ETCH Management, this virtual bookkeeping and accounting business. I understand long days, sleepless nights, and the thrill of finally hitting your stride as a business owner. I also know it's better to work within a community of like-minded professionals than to go it alone. I'll leverage my more than 25+years of professional skills to handle your bookkeeping and bring clarity to your business finances. As a Certified QuickBooks Online (QBO) ProAdvisor, I'll maximize QBO's functionality to help your business achieve its strategic and financial goals, and provide effective, dynamic, reporting. In between, you'll always have an advisor who'll meet with you, bring industry best-practices to the discussion, and continually enhance my professional skills.


Lastly, I'm not just all business. I enjoy travel, great, plant-based food, live music shows with my husband and outdoor adventures with our two rescue pups. An avid reader, I dedicate my mornings to devotion and a home-brewed latte. 


Ready to leverage great bookkeeping strategies?

Then let’s partner and ETCH out a plan for your business!

ETCH Owner
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Goes above and beyond for your business

I have a service based business with lots of moving/disjointed parts and Yakima came in and worked tirelessly to correct my books and position my busy for success. Above traditional bookkeeping, she conducted an industry analysis to benchmark my business in comparison to others which was a nice touch and helps me think strategically about how I invest my profits moving forward. Because she has such an extensive background leading major publicly traded companies, she brings a big business mindset to my small business operations. She has been working as my bookkeeper since January 2022 and I would highly recommend her for your small to midsize business or nonprofit especially if you are in the startup phase.

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